Program Menyemarak Inisiatif Peduli Rakyat dan Ramah-Mesra bersama Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor (8.10.2017)
16th October 2017

Smart Selangor Bus application, Selangor Intelligent Transport System (SITS) , can already be downloaded by users of the Smart Selangor Bus service from today onwards in Google App Store, and will be available soon on Apple Play Store.

Among the main benefits of the application for users include providing information on all 34 Smart Selangor Bus routes throughout Selangor including PJ City Bus.

SITS also allows users to identify the nea rest bus stop as well as to check the estimated time of arrival of the next bus. Bus schedule will also be displayed for users.

Smart Selangor free bus service was launched by YAB Dato ’ Menteri Besar Dato ’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali since 2015, and to this date, 100 Smart Selangor Busses are in operation and have reached more than 10 million bus users.

YM Raja Shahreen Raja Othman, Director of Smart Selangor Delivery Unit said, the application is in line with the aspiration of Smart Sel angor to provide convenience for users and the increase the quality of life of the people with technology as the enabler.

“ On e of the main issues brought up while we were getting public feedback for our Smart Selangor Blueprint is transport and mob ility . T herefore apart from providing free WiFi a nd installing CCTV cameras on the Smart Selangor Bus , the SITS application is also an effort to provide a more com plete experience to the servic e provided by the State Government. ”

According to the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit Deputy Director, Dr Fahmi Ngah, “ the SITS application which is already available for download is to ensure our Smart Selangor Bus users are a ble to get detailed information rega rding the movement and estimated time of arrival of the busses , ”

“ Therefore the users are able to better manage their time and plan their journey with greater efficiency, and they do not need to wait at the b us stops for long periods like before, ” he added.

During the recent 2018 Selangor Budget Announcement by YAB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali on 3 November, the Menteri Besar also announced RM11 million being part of Smart Selangor project development including for the implementation of Smart Bus Stops.

Date: 6 NOVEMBER 2017

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