Waste Management (June 2017)

MBI signs MoU with Taipei to collaborate on developing smart solutions applicable to Selangor (6 April 2017)
11th September 2017
Smart Selangor Command Centre (SSCC)
11th September 2017

MBI Selangor, through its subsidiary, KDEB Waste Management Sdn Bhd, is the project management coordinator for Klang, Ampang Jaya and Selayang municipals for domestic waste management collection. Waste management by KDEB Waste incorporates the use of technology including iClean Selangor to efficiently manage waste collection in the respected areas. Taking advantage of several other technological advancements including smart  compactor lorries, waste management command and control centre as well as CCTVs and GPS tracker, KDEB Waste Management will not only be able to receive real time information on lorry movements, but they would also be able to receive reports by citizens and expedite their action on the complaint received.

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