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8th August 2018
SMARTSEL and KT Corporation signs MoU to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide in Selangor
3rd September 2018

Shah Alam: Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated) (MBI Selangor) is proud to partner Kloth Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Kloth Cares) and Persatuan Taska Negeri Selangor (PTNS) to launch a recycling initiative aimed at educating tenants of Bangunan Darul Ehsan building and outsiders to recycle unwanted fabrics as well as other materials.

A fabric recycling bin is now placed inside the building as part of the initiative. This is an extension of MBI Selangor’s previous Say No to Plastic campaign and Go Green campaign with Tourism Selangor.

Chief Executive Officer of MBI Selangor, YM Raja Shahreen Raja Othman said Selangor is currently the most industrious state in the country, and as a result there are consequences to the environment.
“MBI Selangor believes in the importance of conducting our business in a sustainable way whilst aspiring to instill a greater sense of responsibility amongst our employees and those in this building.”

“I hope that similar efforts can be emulated across the State as Selangor people must continue to be at the forefront of change not only in Malaysia, but also in the region. With our Smart Selangor vision, let’s make this a green, sustainable state,” he added.
According to Nik Suzila Binti Nik Hassan, Executive Director, Kloth Malaysia, the partnership with MBI Selangor began during the InspiraC Bazaar earlier in the year in support of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“Textile industry is 2nd dirtiest in the world and you’re wearing it. More than 110 landfill are closed due to full waste capacity, and it is with this in mind that MBI Selangor and Kloth moved to the 2nd phase of our partnership, launching of MBI Selangor fabric recycling with Kloth Cares themed Keeping Fabrics Out of Landfills. Approach is Giving New Life to Your Fabrics Sustainably.”
In addition to fabric recycling bin, PTNS is also providing recycling bins for paper, glass and plastic to encourage the building’s tenants and visitors to recycle their waste.

Date: 16 August 2018

For any enquiries media representative can contact MBI Selangor through tel. 03-5513 8898 ext. 354 or email at: [email protected]

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