Smart Selangor Shorties 2018

Short Film Contest


The Smart Selangor Initiative was launched by the Selangor State Government in November 2016 with the vision for Selangor to be a dynamic, economically vibrant, culturally rich and caring technology-enabled Smart State by the year 2025, in close engagement with its citizens.
The Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU), a division of Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI Selangor) has been mandated to spearhead this initiative with a number of programs and activities already launched and planned.
To facilitate its success, it is important that stakeholders, including the Selangor citizens, be engaged via a comprehensive and relatable messaging in the form of creative content.
Smart Selangor Shorties is an initiative by MBI Selangor and SSDU to provide amateur film makers with a platform to express their creativity. This short film competition is an effort to identify, cultivate and support the emerging film talent in Selangor.
The terms and conditions of participating in the competition are prescribed down below.
The best short film will be selected based on their understanding and creativity to visualize any one or a combination of the 12 Smart Selangor Domains.

Contest details:
1. The Contest starts on 27th March 2018 and ends on 17th April 2018 (the “Contest Period”).
2. Entries are to be received by #SmartShorties at the email below on or before 6pm 17th April 2018. Entries which are not submitted during the Contest Period shall be disqualified.
3. Only one (1) Entry per Participant is permitted. Entries must be submitted in the following manner.
4. An Entry shall comprise of a short film of up to three (3) minutes in length, including credits. There is two (2) minutes minimum running time.
5. The dialogue may be in any vernacular languages spoken in Malaysia but must be subtitled in English or Malay.
6. Each Entry must be submitted on an individual basis only (i.e., no joint or corporate entries).
7. A total of fifteen (15) Entries will be chosen out of the total number of entries.
8. The shortlisted entries will then be eligible to go through the Smart Selangor Shorties workshop during a designated date with professionals to get brief course on filmmaking.
9. Winners will be announced by 4th May 2018 on this website.

1st prize: RM 8,000
2nd prize: RM 4,000
3rd prize: RM 2,000
Consolation prizes: RM 500 each

How to enter:
1. Register your details
2. Share your concept and story synopsis
3. Share your showreel link (track record, if any)
4. Submit your details
5. The participant shall then upload his/her/their short film with credits onto his/her/their respective YouTube channel with a video quality of 1080p.
6. Participant’s film entry upload must be labelled as “Unlisted” and must not be sharable on any online avenues. A complete Entry will include the full YouTube URL link in the Entry Form. All entry information provided by Participant must be complete, true and correct.

Terms & Conditions